Nov 10

Groups Urge SRBC to Conduct A Comprehensive Environmental Study & Implement Stronger Gas Rules

In addition to our technical comments to the SRBC concerning its proposed rules, we also co-wrote THIS LETTER with the PA Sierra Club and Earthworks urging the Commission to stop its rulemaking until it conducts necessary comprehensive environmental studies. This campaign included hundreds of individual signatures to the same petition, which was signed by 44 groups representative of the entire Susquehanna River Basin, including Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.

A comprehensive study of unconventional shale gas development impacts to water resources of the Susquehanna River Basin is essential to sound, prospective management for present and future generations. Disparate treatment of shale gas development across political borders engenders uncoordinated, stove-pipe dissemination of critical science and ignores very real threats to human health and the environment. As water managers of the Basin it is incumbent upon the SRBC to conduct and learn from a cumulative, Basin-wide study prior to publishing new rules for natural gas development. Scientific study and public participation are the hallmark of informed decision-making and critical to the health of the Susquehanna River watershed and Chesapeake Bay.