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Nov 14

Public Information & the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

One of the ugliest realities of new proposed pipelines for the Susquehanna Watershed is the threat of eminent domain. When interstate pipelines receive certain permits from the Federal energy Regulatory Commission, they often have the power to – and history proves have in fact – taken private land for industrial use. The proposed Atlantic Sunrise …

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Sep 16

Appeal of PADEP General Permit Supporting Use of Drill Cuttings in Pavement

Organizations object to research and development by driller Range Resources that would lead to use of gas well drill cuttings in roads and well pads on gas sites Harrisburg, PA – Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper, and Earthworks filed an appeal on September 15 with the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board (EHB) of a Residual Waste …

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Jul 31

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline & the Susquehanna

Hey River Folk! We thought it was about time you all had some solid facts on the new, big pipeline proposed to run through Southcentral Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna Watershed. Here’s what we’re all facing: The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline is really the connection of the Central Penn Lines North and South. It would create a …

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Mar 12

Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Update 3-12-14

Howdy River Folks, As always, we are busy as can be representing your interests in the Susquehanna Valley and Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  We’ve been working on our top five priorities: smallmouth bass die-offs in the Susquehanna and other Chesapeake tributaries; effects of fracking on our waterways; effects of Susquehanna sediment on the Chesapeake Bay; the …

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Mar 07

Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper aims to correct faulty Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement

Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper aims to correct faulty Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement Please send your own comments in (address provided in our letter).  It is very important that they hear from individuals, as they are only counting any group sign-ons or petitions as a single comment. Our Riverkeeper addresses the biggest fault in the Agreement.  “It …

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Aug 12

The Best Choice For The Susquehanna River, Choose to Re-Open Creswell Landfill

The Best Choice For The Susquehanna River, Choose To Re-Open Creswell Landfill. Did you know that the Frey Farm Landfill, which overlooks the Susquehanna River at Lake Clarke, is almost full? It’s true – landfills have an expiration date and, once full, need to be expanded or closed down. Frey Farm Landfill already overlooks our …

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Feb 12

Smallmouth Bass, Pennsylvania’s Impaired Waters List, & the Lower Susquehanna

There can be no question that the Susquehanna, or at least the portion of it that lies below its confluence with the Juniata at Duncannon, is in serious trouble. The Lower Susquehanna from the greater Harrisburg area down to the Holtwood Dam once fairly teemed with fish and other wildlife, including holding a world-class bass …

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Aug 22

Mr. Naylor’s Susquehanna Sojourn

This September a good friend and supporter of Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper is going on a Sojourn. That is, he will paddle over 50mi of the Lower Susquehanna to raise awareness of our river’s majestic history and its current problems. As part of this effort Mr. Naylor has a goal of raising pledges for every mile …

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Mar 12

Fact Sheet on Act 13 – Pa’s Dirty New Drilling Law

Sierra Club Releases Drill Act Mythbuster Fact Sheet   The Mad Rush to Drill Act Mythbuster Factsheet from Pa Sierra Club is designed to not only discredit industry talking points, but also cite specific pieces of the law that promote dangerous fracking practices that threaten human health and the environment. “As the industry looks to …

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Mar 09

Environmental Groups Urge SRBC to Improve Public Participation Policies

Today we submitted a letter to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) on behalf of our members and the members of PA Sierra Club, Earthworks, Clean Water Action, and PennFuture. This letter pointed out the chilling effect new Commission public comment procedures have on public participation and the agency’s ability to solicit expert testimony. Earlier …

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