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Aug 19

Technical Comments on the Proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

Yesterday we submitted these technical comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission concerning a proposal to build a new series of gathering pipelines and infrastructure through Central Pennsylvania. Besides the fact that decisionmakers haven’t cumulatively considered this project in relation to other, connected natural gas projects, our concerns are twofold: First, that communities and watersheds of the …

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Jun 17

Comments on Proposed Chesapeake Bay LNG Export Facility

On June 16th, 2014 we submitted this technical comment letter detailing why the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export Facility in Lusby, MD cannot move forward because of significant flaws in its environmental review. The comment letter was submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the federal agency with authority over proposals to export …

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Apr 01

Saying “NO” to Fracking Drill Cuttings in Road Paving

Oil and gas operators face a growing challenge in handling and disposing of the increasing volumes of solid and liquid waste they produce. However, this challenge should not be a reason to allow dangerous subtances that threaten health and the environment to be used in ways that can have unknown consequences for the public and waterways. Unfortunately, just such a rationale is being used by …

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Mar 14

Comments on Proposed Changes to Pennsylvania’s Oil & Gas Rules (Ch.78)

In mid-December 2013, the Pennsylvania DEP issued proposed changes to the state’s oil and gas regulations, known as Ch. 78 of the Pennsylvania Code. Act 13, the oil and gas law passed by the legislature in 2012, required the DEP to make these changes. The changes are also necessary because older regulations concerning conventional drilling …

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Jan 15

Response Letter to SRBC Concerning Drilling Pollution In Pennsylvania

Since fracking began in the Susquehanna River Basin, Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper has been an unrelenting voice for the key role of science in all decisionmaking. We’ve said time and again that allowing any type of industrial-style development, let alone fracking, without first doing the requisite scientific analysis of potential impacts unnecessarily risks community and waterway …

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Jan 10

PADEP’s Proposed Stream Crossings Permit Threatens Susq Watersheds

Proposed Revisions to PA General Permit GW-8 Sacrifice Watershed Protection in favor of Easy Permit Approvals in November 2013, DEP published notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin of its proposal to significantly modify the Chapter 105 General Permit 8 (GP-8). Currently authorizing only temporary road crossings of streams and wetlands, the proposed and expanded permit would …

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Jun 03

Comments to the SRBC re: June 2013 Docket

On June 3 we and other conservation organizations submitted a comment letter to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) concerning water withdrawal applications it will consider at its June 2013 Business Meeting. Some of the water withdrawals it will consider are, like many from the past 5 years, intended for shale gas fracking operations. And, …

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May 06

Coalition Presses for Thorough Review of Dominion Cove Point LNG Export Terminal

Many of you may recall our long efforts aimed at ensuring a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal, sited in the Chesapeake Bay, undergoes a thorough review process before any decisions are made. Unfortunately those reviews have not occurred and the pressure is on from big business to rush through with the project. A …

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Apr 08

Comments on Proposed EPA Coal Pollution Rule

Coal power plants are the largest polluters of water in the United States. This is particularly true for the Susquehanna Watershed. Unfortunately, rules governing the disposal of coal waste in waterways are dangerously out-of-date. That is why Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper joined a coalition in urging the EPA to update its rules by implementing its proposed …

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Mar 15

The FRESHER Act (repeal industry stormwater exemption)

Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper joined may other organizations this week in urging Congress to adopt Represenative Cartwright’s FRESHER Act. This bill would close a Clean Water Act loophole that exempts oil and gas industry stormwater pollution prevention permit requirement. If passed into law the bill would take the common sense step to repeal this exemption and require …

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