The Lower Susquehanna RIVERKEEPER® was licensed by the Waterkeeper® Alliance on September 15, 2005. Since that time Lower Susquehanna RIVERKEEPER Association (LSRA),has developed a grassroots supporting organization for the licensed RIVERKEEPER® . LSRA is a certified IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit that operates as a membership-based, mission-driven organization. We are dedicated to improving and protecting the ecological integrity of the Susquehanna Watershed and Chesapeake Bay.

The Lower Susquehanna RIVERKEEPER® program focuses on identifying sources of pollution and enforcing environmental laws. We actively educate the public on current issues, work with decision-makers to emphasize the economic and social benefits of protecting our watershed, and when necessary enforce laws protecting communities and natural resources of the Susquehanna Watershed.

The Lower Susquehanna RIVERKEEPER® program performs “pollution patrols,” random patrols that often turn up violations of law. Similarly, we partner with county conservation districts to address violations at construction, industrial, and agricultural sites.

The Lower Susquehanna RIVERKEEPER® program works on these and other polluting activities:

  • wastewater treatment facilities;
  • concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs);
  • hydropower facility relicensing including sedimentation behind dams & fishery migration;
  • Pennsylvania and Maryland’s obligations to cap pollution under the Chesapeake Bay TMDL rule;
  • strategies combating pollution from shale gas hydraulic fracturing;
  • stronger small farm and wetlands encroachment regulation, issues that account for much of the ecological impairment to the Lower Susquehanna Watershed.

Success is proven time and again by action in the form of fines, dropped permits, and Cease and Desist orders from regulating agencies. Our goal is to become the recognized name in water defense for our region. We hope to lead citizens to action in protecting their watershed, communities, and heritage.

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