Report Pollution

Have you seen an environmental law being broken or contamination in your backyard? If so, there are a number of ways to report pollution:

  1. E-mail the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper® at lowsusriver[at]
  2. Call the PA Department of Environmental Protection at 1-800-541-2050
  3. Call the PA Fish & Boat Commission‘s Water Pollution Hotline at 1-855-347-4545 (1-855-FISH-KIL)
  4. Contact the Maryland Department of the Environment at 1-866-MDE GO TO

Common Problems of the River to Report

  • Major changes in biology, including fish kills
  • Seeing or smelling sewage
  • Presence of an oily sheen
  • Odd odors
  • Construction site run-off flowing directly into drains or waterways
  • Manure being applied during a storm
  • Manure washing off directly into the river

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