Aug 19

Technical Comments on the Proposed Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

Yesterday we submitted these technical comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission concerning a proposal to build a new series of gathering pipelines and infrastructure through Central Pennsylvania.

Besides the fact that decisionmakers haven’t cumulatively considered this project in relation to other, connected natural gas projects, our concerns are twofold:

First, that communities and watersheds of the Lower Susquehanna will be further threatened and degraded, respectively, for the convenience of corporate shareholders. We have some of the best farmland, unique rural communities, ecologically important creeks and wetlands – not to mention thousands of families – who each will be negatively affected by the construction and use of more pipelines and infrastructure.

Second, Transco’s own application touts the construction of the Atlantic Sunrise Project as benefiting, in part, the export of liquefied natural gas from a proposed LNG export terminal in the Chesapeake Bay. And where does that gas come from? Upstream, from fracking in Pennsylvania’s forests and small northern communities. First of all, we still haven’t seen any science showing that fracking can be done safely, and without environmental consequences and therefore don’t support fracking. Second, if companies are going to frack natural gas, why is it being shipped overseas? Apparently the talking point of “American Energy Independence” from fracking is just that: a talking point.

We will continue our strong advocacy on the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline to ensure that science, common sense and the rule of law is followed to best protect families, communities and watersheds of the Lower Susquehanna.